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Get Towing trailer licence training, Essex Trailer Training near me in Southend

Do I need a trailer licence to tow a trailer with my, car or van,combination?

If you passed your car driving test BEFORE 1st January 1997 then you are already eligible to tow a caravan/trailer and car/van combination of up to 8.25 tonnes MAM Maximum Authorised Weight). This is commonly known as ‘Grandfather rights.’

However, if you passed your car driving test AFTER 1 January 1997 then you hold the standard Category B (Car) licence. You are still able to tow a caravan or trailer however certain restrictions apply.

What can I tow?

A small trailer weighing no more than 750kg.

A trailer over 750kg providing the combined weight of both car and trailer does NOT exceed 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass – MAM

Once you have obtained the category B+E you will able to tow a combined weight of up to 7 tonnes (7000kgs) i.e. A vehicle that can carry 3.5 tonnes (this would usually be a van) PLUS a trailer up to its towing capacity, again, usually 3.3tonnes.


If you are stopped by the police towing a trailer without holding the category B+E trailer licence and you exceed the 3,500kg MAM you will receive an on the spot fine of six penalty points and a fine up to £2,000. Is it really worth the risk?

Why attended a Car and Trailer Training course with Get Towing?

Highest 1st time pass rates in the South East at 90%, when choosing our 2 day intensive trailer training course.

We are all qualified driving instructors holding 15+ years of car and/or car and trailer training experience.

We provide coverage in the South East of England. We happily train both private individuals and company employees for any starting ability to obtain their trailer licences.

Learn in style with our modern fleet of cars and trailers, currently a Ford Ranger and box trailer combination.

We are a trusted family run business and value every customer wanting a trailer licence and car and trailer training.

Our most popular trailer training course is our 2 day intensive trailer training course with DVSA B+E driving test, closely followed by the  1 day trailer licence course again with a trailer driving test included.

good luck and with us you’ll get towing… 😉