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About Us

Get Towing is a trailer training organisation run by Fully Qualified DVSA Driving Instructors.

They all have maintained the very best available grade, currently Grade A, as fully qualified instructors and trailer trainers for at least 20 years.

Our instructors provide Get Towing’s car and trailer licence training courses throughout Essex, in areas including Southend on Sea, Basildon, West Thurrock, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dagenham, Romford, Enfield and East London.

We mantain very high standards and an enviable pass rate, currently at 90%!

We ensure all of the staff at Get Towing treat ‘all’ enquiries and Trailer Licence courses professionally and it is because of this that we can guarantee you the very best service.

Get Towing Trailer Licence Training only use fully qualified DVSA driving instructors as our trailer test trainers.

Please note that all of our staff are DBS checked as part of the qualifying process providing you with a safe environment to learn in.

As an Essex based organisation, we presently use the Chelmsford, Thurrock and Enfield DVSA testing centres for your car and trailer tests.

Whilst our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about towing vehicles on public roads, we will give you an orientation of the test routes – especially the trickier junctions which are built into all B+E trailer test routes.

We have areas that we use to teach the manoeuvres, hitch and unhitch exercise and safety questions these include:

  • Reversing a trailer around cones into a boxed area


  • Safety Check Questions – These are commonly known as Show/Tell questions as the examiner may say “show me” or “tell me” how you would check xxx? There are currently 15 potential questions which you can see on our blog by clicking here…

“Show Tell Questions”

All of our courses are run and administered by DVSA approved qualified driving instructors.

We run a few different lengths of trailer training courses which start with a full course preparing someone to tow safely and be ready to take a B+E driving test.

We also run B+E courses that can be specifically tailored for someone who already has the trailer licence entitlement but has never towed trailer’s or caravan‘s before and require some assistance and/or coaching

As we are experts in towing trailers and caravans, we are best placed to offer ongoing trailer training for companies whose staff tow as part of their job role.

We are DVSA professional instructors and trailer test trainers and we can guarantee you the very best service and quality trailer training to get you your trailer licence!