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B+E car and trailer training courses near me

Congratulations to David who passed his B+E driving test today at West Thurrock Driving Test Centre In Essex today, after a searching for a ‘car and trailer training course near me’
David met me at Get Towing in Southend-on-Sea in Essex and completed a 2 day intensive trailer training driving course and B+E driving test.

He enquired for ‘towing lessons’ and ‘B+E driving test near me’

The Examiner for the B+E driving test complemented him on a safe drive, with only 2 minor Faults
This helps to keep our high driving test pass rate at over 90% at Get Towing 😎
The trailer test reversing exercise during the DVSA B+E driving test, was completed with 1 minor fault.

After that David, which was part of his towing course and test, he hadn’t  to carry out the un-couple and re-couple exercise, which also scored no minors faults.

His new B+E drivers’ licence should be back to his home address within a few weeks as the B+E driving test examiner sent it off for him as his address on the licence was the same as where he currently living.

We carry out these trailer training courses and tests all over the Essex area including Basildon, Grays, Brentwood, East London,

Well done again David for completing your B+E  towing lessons will keep you legal now pulling your new customers broken down cars to the garage!