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Trailer Test near me — one and two day courses —

Another pass for Get Towing trailer licence test training, Mark who met me at Get Towing training head-quarters, in Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex.

Here we carry out these types of trailer licence training courses and trailer towing tests around the Essex area, especially Chelmsford, Basildon and West Thurrock.

He completed a 2 day intensive trailer training driving course and B+E trailer test to gain his trailer test licence on the first attempt with only 1 minor faults…

A Great result 👍

His initial ‘Google’ enquiry was for a ‘trailer test licence near me’ and ‘B+E Trailer Test near me’.

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Costs are £450 for a one day course and…

£650 for a two day… both inc. the test fee!

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As always the Examiner asks the candidate to read a number plate ‘out loud’ to him, viewed at a maximum distance of approximately 20.5 metres.

Then his Examiner asked approximately 5/6 questions about the trailer and the towing vehicle, Mark answered all his questions correctly, looking under the bonnet and around the vehicle, showing good trailer loading and handling knowledge.

The Examiner for the B+E trailer driving test was very impressed with him during a safe trailer test route drive, with an amazing 3 minor fault test, an excellent result, as he didn’t know the West Thurrock, South Ockendon and Aveley areas of Essex that well.

The reversing manoeuvre to pass the trailer licence test seemed quite easy for Mark on the trailer driving test and was completed with no minor faults, after we practiced  it many times at our reversing site, before the trailer test, really helped him 😎After that Mark had to carry out the un-couple and re-couple exercise, and inspect the trailer, as if it was a ‘new one’ that he hasn’t seen before, that he was going to be towing on the road.

This scored no minors faults as we had practiced this many times as well.

His trailer licence should be back to his home address within 2/3 weeks as the examiner sent it off for him as his address on the drivers licence was the same as where he currently living.

This is not necessary requirement for the trailer test, it can be in an address different to where you currently live as long as it is changed to a ‘full’ trailer licence within a two year period that the pass certificate is valid for

The roundabouts in the part of West Thurrock in Essex, where we were practicing, can be tricky, but Mark coped well on his trailer training course with the difficult junctions around the parts of Basildon in Essex that we drove around to help him familiarise himself, in readiness for the trailer test.

Basildon and West Thurrock can be particularly challenging if you are not used to the layout of it’s, sometimes awkward, multiple lane approach roundabouts.

We practiced these types of junctions a lot as it is essential for the trailer test candidates to be reading the road signs correctly, to drive the roundabouts successfully, and maintain trailer test standard.

Basildon and West Thurrock have some difficult roundabouts especially the one under the M25 at junction 30/31!!

These trailer training courses and trailer licence tests are carried out all over the Essex area at locations including;

Basildon, Enfield, Dagenham, Romford, Brentwood, Chelmsford and many more…

CLICK HERE, – for the rules on towing with a car

Well done again Mark, it’s now easier, safer and legal for you now pulling your work trailer when needed!!