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Do I need to pass a theory test before I can take any B+E, car and trailer, training course and B+E driving test?

No, because you already hold a car (B) licence you already have provisional licence status for B+E so you can take a car and trailer course and B+E driving test when you are ready to.

What would be the maximum weight of a trailer I could tow after passing a B+E, car and trailer driving test?

Once passing the test you have the same rights as ‘any’ driver with a B+E licence.

You can drive any B vehicle fully loaded, to its legal capacity, if required, plus the trailer to the maximum capacity allowed for that vehicle.

The maximum trailer weight would be 3.5 tonnes, if the vehicle is ‘plated’ to tow that weight legally. 

Technically with the some vehicles your combined weight could legally be 7.00 tonnes!

Do I have to bring the counterpart of my driving licence to the B+E driving test?

No, the counterpart is no longer needed to be shown during a B+E driving test but a current photo card driving licence is required. If you have an older style paper licence, photo identification, passport etc, does have to be supplied for the examiners inspection.

Does it matter if my current drivers licence has a different address on it where I am not currently living?

No, this can be changed after passing the test. Leave it with the old address on it and the examiner will advise you how to change it after you have passed.

Can I take my car and trailer driving test in a vehicle with an automatic gearbox?

Yes, but you will only then be able to tow trailers with an automatic gearbox vehicle, however, if you pass the trailer test in a manual gearbox vehicle you will be able to tow trailers with B category vehicles with either type of gearbox.

Can I use my own trailer on the car and trailer driving test?

No, my test prepared trailer needs to be used as it meets the all specifications requested for the DVSA B+E driving test.

Can I use my own vehicle on the B+E driving test?

Yes, if the vehicle is appropriate, to be discussed before confirming the booking.

On the understanding beforehand that my, or your, extra extension mirrors will attach to your vehicles’ door mirrors. 

Any defects on the vehicle, which you are responsible for, may result in the test being cancelled by the examiner and the total course fee being forfeited 

(see DVSA website for more information)

Are there some examiners who will pass candidates more often than other examiners do?

No, the examiners all carry out tests to the same standards, as they are all checked regularly by a DVSA official inspector.

If I fail the test do I have to do another whole training course?

No, not necessarily, however, we will discuss with you how many more hours you will need to reach the standard required to pass. Most people opt to do another single day to prepare themselves again for another B+E driving test, it is possible that the test may be at a different driving test centre so some familiarisation could be useful.

Do I need to do have a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification to tow trailers with the B+E category, if the weight is over 3.5 tonnes, after I have passed the driving test?

No, CPC is only required for category C or D (Coach/Bus/HGV) vehicles.

Can I drive a category C1 vehicle (7.5 tonne maximum vehicle weight) after passing the B+E test?

No, another test will need to be taken for that category to qualify and another trailer towing test after that, if needed, to get the C1+E on your licence too.

Will the examiner ask me any Highway Code questions before, or after, the trailer licence test?

Especially helpful for drivers who passed their car test outside the UK.

Will the examiner ask me to take an eyesight test before the trailer test?
  1. Yes, he will ask you to read out a standard number plate, from a vehicle registered after September 2001, at at distance of approximately 20 metres, before the trailer test can continue.

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My current towing vehicle has a maximum braked towing capacity of 1500Kg, as stated on my V5C (log book) My trailer has a maximum gross weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 2000Kg. Can I legally pull this trailer with this vehicle?

The answer is yes provided the ‘Actual weight’ of the trailer and the weight of the load does not exceed 1500Kg.

There is no legal requirement to downgrade your plate to 1500Kg.

This is the same for any vehicle/trailer with different weight amounts  from those stated here.

You may be asked by a Traffic Officer to accompany him to a Weigh-bridge to confirm this – so be careful as you load the trailer!

Drivers do not need a +E trailer license to pull a trailer up to 750Kg