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Before you go out and buy yourself the largest trailer on the market, you should make yourself aware of all […]

B+E car and trailer training driving test pass

Here at Get Towing we can get you through your car and trailer driving test. Our professional driving instructors have […]

B+E car and trailer training and driving test

There are 2 main courses available for trailer training and these are completed on consecutive days and normally have 5 […]

B+E (Towing a trailer driving test)

When something goes wrong with the lights on a trailer, people automatically assume the problem is in the trailer. However, […]

B+E trailer test passed

Well done to Dave who passed his B+E driving test today at West Thurrock Driving Test Centre. In Essex Dave […]

Registering Trailers

Have you registered your trailers? I’m sure you don’t want your trailer to end up looking like the one in […]

Test Tips, ‘The Trailer’ used for a DVSA car and trailer (B+E) driving test

Rules for the trailer used on the DVSA B+E driving test… The trailer you use on your B+E training course, […]

Test Tips: “Show Me” and “Tell Me” Questions and Answers

‘Show me’ & ‘Tell me’ Questions DVSA Category B+E driving test At the start of the test all candidates will […]

Test Tips: Uncoupling and Re-Coupling a Trailer

Routine for Un-Coupling and Re-Coupling a Trailer For the B+E Trailer Driving Test Un-coupling the trailer and parking the vehicle along […]