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Get Towing Trailer Training course and B+E trailer test pass

Well done to Lewis who has passed his B+E trailer test

This is Lewis who passed his B+E Trailer test  at West Thurrock Driving Test Centre in Essex.
Lewis arrived at Get Towing trailer training in Southend-on-Sea in Essex and completed a 2 day trailer training driving course and B+E trailer test.

He enquired for towing lessons and ‘trailer training near me.’

The Examiner for the B+E driving test enjoyed Lewis’ drive as it was safe and comfortable, with only 5 minor faults… great drive

This helps to keep my high pass rate at over 90%

The reversing exercise, during the DVSA B+E driving test, was completed with no minor faults.
After that Lewis, which was part of his towing course and trailer test, he had to carry out the un-couple and re-couple exercise, which also scored zero faults.

His new B+E drivers’ licence should be back to his home address within 2 weeks as he has to send it to the DLVA himself as he know longer lives at the address on the licence.

We carry out these trailer training courses and B+E trailer tests all over the Essex area including Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, Tilbury, Romford, Enfield, Dagenham, East London to name a few.

Well done again Lewis your van and trailer lessons this will keep you legal pulling your car towing unit after recovering your customers’ broken down cars!

Safe towing for life!