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Are you towing legally?
New towing regulations since Jan 2013.
Did you know that if you have passed your driving test after 1st January 1997, New Licence regulations are applicable please follow the above link to check whether you are towing legally.
If you have been Towing Trailers, Caravans, Boats, Horse-Boxes, Generators, Cars, Diggers etc and you do NOT have the correct entitlement (Category B+E) to tow what you are towing on your licence, you are running the risk of:
  • 3 points for ‘no category’
  • Up to 6 points for ‘no insurance’
  • There could also be a fine of £400+
As an employer or employing an individual that tows for business purposes, that is doing so legally or illegally, you can also be held liable for their actions under the corporate manslaughter act
You could be;
  • Issued with a large fine
  • Criminally charged with Negligence if Training cannot be proven


Get Towing can and will help you to Tow with confidence. We will ensure that you have the ability to Tow in the hardest of circumstances. Our towing lessons are comprehensive, carried out on a One to One basis, and we will get you to test standard for the Towing Test (B+E if required).

Our Trailer Towing courses/lessons are second to none, we cover all of the basic’s’ starting with the legislation surrounding Towing, hitching and loading your Trailer, Horsebox, Caravan or Boat, Reversing, and ensuring your vehicle/ trailers safe handling. We want to ensure that you are able to get safely to your destination.
get Towing trailer training has a different approach to trailer teaching in comparison to other Towing schools and we have several different methods and aids to help you, hopefully, pass first time. We will aim to enable you to achieve your pass in the quickest time available. However, we are paramount to teaching you to Tow safely for you, your load, and the other road users. You may not be covered on insurance if you unfortunately had an accident whilst Towing!
We offer a bespoke service on all our towing courses. We have a choice of courses that are run on a one day, 6 hour, or 12 hour two day course basis.
one day 6 hr course =£399
two day 12 hr course = £599
(Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the chosen course will be sufficient, as people learn trailer towing at different rates, you can rest assured that we will work with you and do our best to achieve a trailer licence together in the quickest possible time).
We run the courses in our own Ford Ranger and test prepared trailer. Due to changes in the B+E test all trailers presented for test have to carry a set weight (currently 600kg) to show a real mass is in place, our trailer complies with the new regulations.
good luck!!