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Get Towing… we provide intensive one-to-one trailer towing training courses to get your Trailer Licence

Get Towing… Trailer Training

At Get Towing… we provide intensive one-to-one trailer towing training courses that enable drivers to tow a trailer safely and competently on the road. Regardless of the type of vehicle you wish to drive or tow it is always advisable to have professional training in trailer towing. We offer trailer towing courses for manual and automatic transmission vehicles which are designed to help you tow:

Horseboxes, Farm Trailers
Trailers for transporting; general goods and waste, cars, motorbikes, boat or jet-ski

Once you have completed your trailer training and are ready to go out on the road, our intention is to ensure that you are a competent, confident and considerate driver worthy of a trailer licence. We believe that this gives our drivers control of their vehicle and what they are towing, which can only serve to improve the safety of the driver, passengers, other road users and the vehicle being towed.

Trailer Towing & The Law

Since 1st January 1997 anyone passing their car test (Category B) is allowed to tow a trailer up to 750kg MAM(Maximum Authorised Mass) with a maximum train weight (Towing vehicle and trailer) of 3500kg MAM. If you tow a trailer and the weights fall outside of these limits you must have, by law, CATEGORY B+E on your licence.
Trailer Towing B+E Training:
Given that everyone’s driving ability differs, typically you can expect to undergo up to 18 hours of practical driver training towing a trailer before the trailer towing driving test. The driver training required will of course depend on the candidates existing driving ability and is assessed by the driving instructor during an initial driver assessment, before the lessons begin.

Our most popular trailer training course is the 12 hour, 2 day course costing £599  —  NO HIDDEN COSTS!  —

All of our driver towing training is carried out on a one-to-one basis as part of an intensive driver training course. Typically trailer towing training is booked in blocks of 6 hours, which enables our driver tuition and practical training to comprehensively cover all aspects of the B+E trailer towing test in detail.

Our driving instructor will look to ensure that you are competent, confident and safe to drive on the open road unsupervised, if all the tuition is followed.

The Trailer Towing B+E Driving Test:
The Trailer test is carried out at an LGV test centre and requires the student to drive to a very high standard with an emphasis on observation, forward planning, the use of mirrors, road positioning and consideration for other road users.

The B+E Driving Licence Test Involves:

Reversing exercise.

Approximately 1 hour road driving test which includes a number of stopping exercises.

Trailer un-coupling and re-coupling. (Including Safety checks on the trailer)

The Trailer Towing Training Vehicles:
At our Essex based driver training centre we have dedicated 4×4 training vehicles and twin axle box trailers that comply with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency test requirements. This means that when you sit your trailer towing test at an Essex test centre you will have covered all the key competencies required whilst driving a suitable vehicle and trailer.

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