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Pass you trailer towing test with all the correct methods from only £399 inc test fee!

There are many methods to learning how to pull a trailer and develop the confidence you need to do so.

At Get Towing we provide expert trailer licence training, to allow you to learn firsthand the skills needed to tow safely and efficiently.

One-on-one teaching is the best method to learn any new skill as you get the individual attention from an expert in that field. They should be able to answer almost any question you have, when you have it, and can also create a focus around the areas you personally struggle with most; this makes it personal and effective for you. As well as this you are acquiring the important experience of towing a trailer first hand which, like learning to drive, is possibly the fastest and effective way to learn how to control your trailer, whilst having guidance to correct any mistakes.

If you feel that one on one lessons are not for you, here are few other methods you could use to support you whilst learning how to tow your trailer:


For some people having a step by step guide to help you learn can be useful, especially with the aid of photos to help for visualisation. Books will allow you to learn in your own time and you are able to create notes and bookmarks at places of importance. This gives you the opportunity to personalise your own learning and easily go back to sections you may struggle with.


Blogs can be very useful when it comes to learning new skills as each person experiences the process differently. By reading blogs you may come across issues and relatable content that an expert driver may not have come across before or you may be too embarrassed to ask about.


If you have the internet at hand, videos are a great recommendation as you can find a wide variety of both expert opinions and the opinions of others in a situation similar to your own. You also get a large amount of useful information in at once, which may be harder to find and take longer to cover in a book or blog. Videos are great because they allow you to watch demonstrations as many times as you like and they often show common mistakes and not how to do it, making it both cost and time effective. We recommend watching videos especially for how to reverse with a trailer as knowing the signs and what to look out for are important.


Like with learning to drive, practice will always be your best chance at improving your skills. Finding somewhere quiet to trial is recommended. Also being aware it is easy to make dents in the car with the trailer, when you are not yet familiar with how to reverse it, should be noted to avoid frustration and upset!

Learning how to tow and reverse a trailer does not have to be a difficult process, and by using the tools and resources available online and in the local area it can be made considerably easier and give you the confidence and the knowledge needed to get you from A to B with ease.