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Winter driving and trailer driving blog

Winter is closing in and this can change how you tow your trailer or caravan. So what do need to consider when getting your trailer or caravan ready to tow in bad weather?

The obvious thing to start with is how the weather and road conditions can affect the stopping distances. Normally the Highway Code would recommend a following distance of 2 seconds.

To know whether you are at the correct distance you would pick a point on the side of the road say a lamp post or bollard and count 2 seconds. You can do this by saying “only a fool breaks the 2 second rule” when the vehicle in front of you passes it and if you reach the same spot before the other vehicle you are too close.

This rule changes in the wet and on icy roads. In the wet the rule changes to a 4 second rule and in the ice or snow it grows dramatically to a 10 second rule.

Undoubtedly you already drive as smoothly as you can but this is never more important than when there is snow or lumps of ice on the road. Your towing vehicle may be able to crush lumps of ice but this type of obstacle could be enough lift one side of your trailer or caravan so watch out for extra debris in the road.

As the picture shows some drivers will drive with their mirrors like this until the heater has cleared them! of course the correct procedure would be clear the glass and mirrors to be able to see all around effectively.

Cornering and manoeuvring should be done earlier than normal and it is important to start to slow down well before bends as the wheels are still moving you should have more control. Try to keep you speed on bends constant ad with high gradient corners you may need to slow down to a crawl.

High winds can also be a problem during the winter so watch out for open areas where gusts could happen or when passing lorries. When passing lorries move away from slightly to counteract the gust effect.

When starting off on a journey be careful of your 1stinitial pull as you may find that the wheels of the trailer or caravan may be pulling out of a divet or hole they may also be trying to pull over a lump of ice etc. This could cause the trailer to need more power to pull it out and then suddenly become free. So before you try to pull a trailer or caravan ensure the wheel are free to roll without any real problems. If it particularly wet or snow has fallen the wheels may have sunk. If this is the case keep you front wheels facing forward and move forward steadily. If the wheels start to spin let off the accelerator. If they spin too much and cannot get traction then place something under the wheel, stones, an old bit of carpet anything with a bit of grip. If you have nothing to use for grip you could always let some air out of your tyres to give you more surface grip. DO make sure you have a way of reflating them.

Remember to check your vehicle


F = Fuel – Have you got enough?

L = Lights – Are all the lights working properly?

O = Oil – Has been checked and topped up?

W = Water – Has the windscreen wash and coolant been topped up?

E = Electrics – Are all of the electrics working?

R = Rubber – Are your tyres in good condition and at the right level of pressure for the conditions?

Need a trailer licence? Get Towing from £399 on a trailer licence training course search ‘trailer test near me in West Thurrock’


Well done Will you’ve passed your B+E trailer driving test at West Thurrock Driving Test Centre in Essex.

Will met me at Get Towing trailer training head quarters in Southend-on-Sea in Essex where we carry out the trailer training courses and completed a 2 day intensive trailer training driving course and B+E driving test to gain his trailer licence.

He enquired for a ‘trailer licence and ‘B+E Trailer Test near me in Chelmsford or West Thurrock

The Examiner for the B+E driving test complemented him on a safe drive with only a few minors, a very good result as he didn’t know the Chelmsford, West Thurrock, South Ockendon and Aveley areas of Essex that well.

The reversing exercise on the trailer test was completed with no minor faults after practicing it many times at our reversing site, before the trailer test really helped.

After that Will had to carry out the un-couple and re-couple exercise, which scored no minors faults as again we practiced this many times as well.

His trailer licence should be back to his home address within 2 weeks as the examiner sent it off for him as his address on the drivers licence was the same as where he currently living.

The roundabouts in that part of Essex can be tricky, but Will coped well on his trailer training course with the difficult junctions around the parts of Essex that we drove around.

Basildon and Chelmsford trailer training routes can be particularly challenging if you are not used to the layouts used to reading the road signs.

Basildon and Laindon are noted for their three lane approach roundabouts and unusual junctions particular difficult in a car and trailer.

We carry out these trailer training courses and trailer tests all over the Essex area at locations including; Basildon, Enfield, Dagenham, Ilford, Romford, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester…

Well done again Will, work will be pleased and work will be easier now with the trailer  🙂

Trailer Licence Training and Trailer Test near me

Trailer Towing Training and getting your Trailer Licence in Essex

Would you like to be able to tow a trailer safely, confidently and above all, legally on the road after taking a trailer training course and passing your trailer driving test?

Trailers come in many forms, from horseboxes to boats, to car transporters for classic cars, or a simple trailer for transporting garden waste. Trailers are an excellent way of carrying extra loads.

Instruction comes from a fully-qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), our lead instructor qualified as an ADI in March 2003 and has been giving trailer towing training in Essex since 2010 helping many drivers gain their trailer licence.

Get Towing trailer training can tailor a trailer towing course to your requirements.  Are you a complete novice?  Have you gained experience in towing or trailer handling? If so, we will establish what you do need to learn to take the DVSA trailer towing test following an initial Assessment Session if appropriate.

Whether you are a novice or perhaps driving without the license to tow, we can assist you in obtaining the DVSA trailer towing license.

Get Towing have been giving trailer towing training in Essex for over 10 years, we offer expert, patient tuition which allows you to learn the skills required to take your DVSA trailer test and tow a trailer and its contents safely and confidently.

The DVSA regulations which cover towing a trailer or caravan are quite complicated but we are more than happy to offer guidance on whether you are required to take a DVSA test, should you wish to tow a trailer or caravan on the road. Please contact us for more information on 07956 321678 or email us

Training for experienced drivers

If you already have the trailer towing entitlement on your Driving License, but require some assistance with any aspect of towing or trailer handling, to build your confidence and improve your level of competence, we are here to help.

If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you’re generally allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to a weight of 8,250kg.

Of course, just because you have a trailer license to do so, doesn’t mean that it is advisable.

We recommend that anyone who has the relevant license but has not towed a trailer (or caravan) on the road before, does get some basic trailer training before they actually do try towing on the road. If you would like a friendly chat to discuss this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to offer advice and discuss your options with you.

Good Luck!!