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Top 10 reasons why people fail the B+E car and trailer driving test

  1. Reversing exercise. It’s a tricky exercise, during a trailer training course you will be given plenty of practice on reversing with the trailer. The main problem is keeping calm. I have taught many drivers who show great skills during the practice and show they are very capable of passing this section of the trailer driving test… but put them in the test situation the pressure is on and it sometimes goes wrong, too little steering, too much steering. Panicking. Watch videos, it will really help here is my one… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvuTQsJYsNU
  2. Un coupling a trailer and re-coupling a trailer… this has many faults to avoid here is the correct method in 3 videos Un-coupling a trailer correctly         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLeA9zpyfNI&list=UU5l8Id2WmIH4-HFsAuHppMg&index=12
  3. Safety checks on the trailer           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bsPVVZAA4U&list=UU5l8Id2WmIH4-HFsAuHppMg&index=6
  4. Re-coupling a trailer correctly        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSrxosApI2A&list=UU5l8Id2WmIH4-HFsAuHppMg&index=11
  5. Speeding. Many drivers miss the speed changes. I train drivers to look at every lamp post they pass to get all the information they can. As you will have been told… How do you identify when you are driving in a 30mph area? It will have lamp posts approx. every 200ft with no signs to show any higher or lower speeds!
  6. Poor lane positioning. Usually down to, again, not reading, or seeing signs on the approach to junctions. Planning and awareness during your trailer lessons on the signs and/or clues on the approach to the hazard is key to this. ‘My rule’ when I teach on a car and trailer training course is, if there are 2 lanes going to your intended destination… ‘try’ to use the left option lane
  7. Mirror checking. An old favourite. Just do more of them! when slowing down, signalling and changing lanes. The examiner spends a lot of time looking a the side of your head during a B+E driving test so there is plenty of opportunity to pick up on that clue that he/she is checking what you are doing and looking at! Get your instructor to practice doing this ‘looking at you’ during your trailer training course
  8. Observations at Junctions. Particularly at roundabouts. Adapting to the length of the vehicle during the trailer driving course and B+E driving test is a struggle for some. I teach drivers to always have another look to the right when your about to emerge at a roundabout or junction even if you think ‘it’s safe’ to go, a good habit to get into
  9. Coasting. Old habits die hard. Practice during your trailer training course from you and nagging from your instructor should sort out this problem get used to the feel the effect of engine braking during slowing down using both brake and clutch together. Ensure you leave the vehicle in gear until you come to a halt.
  10. Steering. Seems like a simple job for an experienced driver but on a B+E car and trailer towing course it’s easy to forget the trailer is on the back sometimes for an inexperienced driver and turn into corners too early and too much causing the trailer to go on kerbs, usually to the left! Be careful out there