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Trailer Training near me in Essex from £250

You’ve plucked up the courage to buy a big trailer!

Next step, get a B+E trailer training course booked

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1. It can be a daunting thought taking a trailer training towing course, in an unusual vehicle and have a large heavy trailer following you!

  • This is the way most trailer test courses will happen, unless you take the trailer training course in your own vehicle.
  • You will find after a few hours of driving this new ‘beast’ you will soon have it ‘tamed’ and almost forget that the trailer is even behind you!
  • As you settle into the trailer test course you can be forgiven for thinking “I can do this…” then your instructor tells you “we are now going to tackle some reversing “
  • It starts off as a scary prospect but again after you settle in with the, trailer test, tips you will of course be given the trailer manoeuvring begins to make sense. You know when you’ve really got it when your not thinking about it too much!!
  • The thoughts of ‘left to go right’ going around in your head becomes less of a mantra as you ‘feel’ what the trailer is doing, and how much you need to push it, one way or the other!
  • My best trailer test course tip is often greeted by the reply “Is it as easy as that?” The tip is basically remembering to ‘steer towards the mirror that you see the trailer in greatest’ by how much is the next step on the learning curve.
  • Practicing a lot and it will all make sense but remember, everyone learns at their own rate just because someone else tells you “You’ll get it quickly” doesn’t mean you will!!
  • CLICK HERE to see videos for  the reversing and trailer elements of the trailer test

2. Uncoupling and recoupling the trailer takes practice but is straight forward with a routine (see videos above) and plenty of practice

  • Take your time with this exercise there is no need to rush you’ll be allowed about 5-10 mins for this section of the trailer test, so you have plenty of time!
  • The most important parts of this section of the B+E Test are…
  • The ‘TUG TEST’ winding the jockey wheel up to raise the trailer to show its connection to the vehicle
  • The light checks…
  • Even though it’s the same trailer you will be connecting the lights you know are working must be rechecked at the end of the recoupling routine

3. The road driving element, you maybe surprised to know that this is the most common part to fail the trailer licence test on!

  • Speeding, self explanatory to fast!
  • Poor planning, usually this means missing a road sign to help you get into the correct position to deal with a roundabout or junction
  • Steering, usually corner cutting and/or making the trailer go over a kerb!
  • General observation, moving away from the kerb causing another driver to slow down if the gap has been ‘mis-judged’

Observation mistakes come in many forms so I can’t list them all here so I got idea is to practice for your trailer licence test by yourself before the course even starts remembering how you passed your driving test the first time!!

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