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Trailer Training Chelmsford – From £250 for a trailer training course!

B+E training in Essex from £250, including Chelmsford

If you are from Chelmsford when you contact Get Towing car and trailer training, also called B+E Training, we will coach you to bring your driving standard back up to, if needed

1 day Course £250

2 day Course £450

In Chelmsford, if you are a driver from that area, you will know there are many roundabouts that will ‘catch out’ drivers on a car and trailer training courses, if planned incorrectly… not what you should be doing, of course, on your B+E trailer driving test.

When approaching a roundabout in Chelmsford, during your B+E training, you will need to plan well ahead and look for some unusual lane choices that need to be negotiated with skill and care.

Many drivers avoid roundabouts in the Chelmsford area regarding them as ‘to difficult’ This of course is unnecessary, if you keep calm,  observe ahead and see the information you can enjoy your Chelmsford trailer training journey !

Chelmsford trailer training courses can see you facing three lanes when you approach many roundabouts. Left via the left lane, right via the right lane and ahead, usually from the middle lane, but also the right lane can be used for this. These junctions, of course, are not unique to the Chelmsford area and need to be planned correctly at all times.

The intersection of the A127 and A132 in Basildon has a tricky roundabout. It is important on your B+E training course that you choose your lane correctly here. An easy method to remember during your trailer training course is, if there are two lanes heading towards your chosen direction try to choose the left option, this should make your B+E training course more successful and safer around the Chelmsford area.

Chelmsford also displays roundabouts that have the right lane for going ahead and turning right and left lane for left only. During trailer training course in Chelmsford if you find yourself in a situation where you are in the wrong lane for the intended direction don’t panic, go in the direction you can safely take from that lane, don’t make harsh and late lane changes. This course of action will be fine on a B+E training course, or B+E trailer test, as the examiner will be happy you did the ‘right thing’ rather than just ‘blindly’ following his instructions.

Good luck and safe driving around Chelmsford