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Trailer Training from only £250 in Basildon and B+E trailer training near me in Essex

Would you like us to arrange your trailer training or caravan towing course and test in one call or email?

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1 day course £250

2 day Course £450

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We can arrange your B+E driving test in West Thurrock, Chelmsford and Enfield if you live in the Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, Romford, Chelmsford, Colchester or Tilbury areas these DVSA driving test centres would use to get your B+E drivers Licence.

We can arrange your DVSA B+E practical driving test and all of the driver trailer training.

This will mean you being able to tow up to a 3.5 tonnes trailer as well as the vehicle you tow with being fully loaded to its legal capacity. All of our trailer training and caravan towing  courses are conducted by our qualified driving instructors, who have an excellent 1st time pass rate.

At Get Towing, B+E, car and trailer training, we aim to get all of our students through the B+E trailer driving test first time.

You get the full use of our vehicle and trailer for your trailer course and driving test and this comes fully insured.

Using our training centre for your towing lessons means that you are likely to improve your driving skills as well as your towing skills.

This is because we only use qualified trailer trainers, who are able to identify your trailer towing faults and show you where you need to improve and ensure you pass your B+E trailer driving test.

Some of our recent passes on our trailer towing courses have passed the b+e driving test first time with only one driving fault. To get one driving fault is considered a great B+E driving test pass.

So if you feel you want to pass the trailer test first time, then you should call us today and book your trailer towing lessons, trailer training and B+E trailer test.

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What is included in a Trailer towing course?

As one of the leading trailer towing course providers in your area, you can be sure of quality trailer  training. We have a first time B+E driving test pass rate of around 90%, which is better than the national average.

Your trailer training course means you will benefit from a driving instructor who knows all about how to pass your trailer driving test.

During our trailer training lessons you will learn how you can tow trailers safely.

Once you pass your driving test, you can tow a trailer over 750kg and up to 3,500kg. As there is more weight, it is important to know how this affects your trailer towing.

On our trailer towing course, you can learn the following and more;

How to safely uncouple and re-couple a trailer onto your tow vehicle.

How to deal with a vehicle where the combined weight could be up to 7,500kg, depending on your towing vehicle. The importance of forward planning and making effective progress.

You will learn about the safe handling of a trailer or caravan while cornering, accelerating and braking.

An improved ability to reverse a trailer, whilst under full control and good observations.

If you wish to tow more than 3,500kg , then you would need to obtain a C1 driving licence. We have course to obtain these and then add C1+E. Ask one of our team all about what towing lessons you need you can tow on your driving licence.

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